hey! i'm melody, a trans furry programmer. i made this website to host my projects and to learn a bit about front-end web development, as well as stretch my (lack of) creative muscles and learn some graphic design. this place probably won't be updated too much except visual stuff here and there.

my main hobby is programming, and i've been practicing since I was 8 years old. my biggest project to date has to be scoville parkour, a 1.12 minecraft parkour server that i coded almost the entire backend for. other than that, i tend to code simple mods for geometry dash.

i mentioned i'm a furry! this is my sona on the left (drawn by the wonderful luminai), although i might make some changes soon as it's growing on 5 years old. i've met so many wonderful people in the community, and i hope to stay in it for a while longer!